If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated from a job, or been a victim of discrimination or harassment on the job, you may be entitled to receive a monetary award.  We will analyze your claim and determine if you are entitled to a recovery.


Both New Jersey and Federal statutes protect workers from discrimination in employment based on race, religion, sex, age, gender preference, handicapping condition and other categories.  The laws provide a variety of remedies, including injunctive relief, monetary damages and punitive damages.  Recovery can be made for loss of income, loss of benefits, emotional distress and other losses.  


Sexual harassment is considered a form of sexual discrimination.  Courts have expanded the definition of sexual harassment.  It includes unwanted sexual advances, both physical and verbal. Even if there are no actual sexual advances, harassment can include obscene comments, derogatory remarks of a sexual nature, dissemination of sexually suggestive materials or objects, obscene gestures and other unwanted contact.  The term “hostile work environment” describes a workplace where sexual harassment takes place.


The term “whistleblowing” describes a situation where an employee is terminated or otherwise punished for reporting a activity that he or she considers improper either to a supervisor or to a public entity.  The activity must be criminal or otherwise illegal or against “public policy” to qualify under this act. A successful claimant under this law can obtain monetary damages.


This term includes being discharged for trying to enforce your rights, filing a worker’s compensation claim, acting as a whistleblower, or refusing to participate in an illegal activity.


This term refers to a situation where someone is forced to quit their job because they cannot continue to work due to harassment and /or discrimination.  They can claim that they were in the same position as a fired employee

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